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Introducing Green Leaf Toys – Australia’s First Zero Waste Toy Subscription Service

As we head into Christmas, parents are bracing themselves for the huge influx of toys, but all those toys bring a startling amount of waste. Did you know that 51% of toys are in landfill within 12 months of purchase? Larissa Tedesco is providing a sustainable alternative, having just launched Green Leaf Toys, a zero-waste toy-subscription service providing parents with a convenient, cost effective and plastic-free option when searching for toys for their little ones.

Explain Green Leaf Toys in a sentence Green Leaf Toys is Australia’s first toy subscription without the waste.
Why have you started this new venture? In 2020 I became a mum and with it came all the worry of finding sustainable, second hand toys that were decent quality and were adequate to my daughter’s developmental needs. I wish I had a toy rental service like Green Leaf Toys back then but in the Gold Coast we don’t even have toy libraries close by. Since we couldn’t find a good solution, my husband Jean and I decided to create something ourselves.
Who is it for? For parents who value high-quality, educational and open-ended toys but don’t have much time to research what’s adequate for their kids’ age. It’s a bit of a sustainable meets convenience kinda service. Our focus is parents who really want a more eco-friendly option without losing on the quality.
Why should we be using this type of service? In Australia alone we throw away almost 27 million toys a year! It’s mind-blowing and we have so many good quality toys around BUT we know kids, they lose interest quite quickly so instead of buying more, so renting is a great alternative to buying more stuff.
How does it work? You can choose between our subscriptions for 5, 8 or 10 toys per box. You can pay monthly or save by paying half-yearly or yearly. Then you just enter your bub’s age and name (optional) and we’ll use our proprietary algorithm to provide you with a range of age-appropriate toys that covers different skills, such as fine motor, language or social. Once you receive your box you get to keep it for 2 months of play. Then, we’ll send you a new box that grows with your kid. Just pack everything back and send your old box so back so we can clean and send it to another family to play. No waste, no hassle.
What kind of toys to do stock?  We only stock wooden or sustainably sourced toys. They are made with the highest standards and are timeless pieces. We choose open-ended and educational toys but there’s something for everyone. Currently we stock brands such as Plantoys, Tender Leaf Toys and Qtoys.
What are your dreams for Green Leaf Toys? We want to see a culture of sharing and reusing take over Australia. The circular economy is really taking shape and we hope to see it being adopted at large by our society as an alternative to the current excessive consumerism.
How can we find out more? You can learn more on our website and on Instagram


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