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Heidi Glasson Creative – Elevating Female Led Businesses through Design

Explain Heidi Glasson creative in a sentence
Heidi Glasson Creative is a passionate design studio dedicated to empowering and elevating female-led businesses through strategic and exceptional design, fostering connections and community among women entrepreneurs, and creating lasting impact with thoughtful, collaborative, and visually captivating solutions.

How did you get here
My design career began in 2011. I had previously studied Psychology and worked in HR in various companies but really wanted a more creative career. I retrained through The Graphic Design School and started working in b2b magazine publishing in Sydney in the production department. We then decided to move up to the Gold Coast in 2012 and I got my dream job working at Frankie! I learned so much about design in this job and it really formed the basis for my design career. After a maternity leave break I worked for a couple of years in Property Marketing & Design before deciding to go freelance and set up my own studio. It’s been 2.5 years and while there are parts of entrepreneurship that are stressful, it’s been the best thing I’ve done.

Who do you help?
I mostly work with women who are creating some kind of positive impact in the world or for people on a more personal level. This has included psychologists and personal development coaches, women working in the arts and culture, environmentalists and those wanting to make a positive impact on the environment.

Talk us through your range of services
My core offerings are branding and website design, however I also still work in magazine publishing and publication design. Lastly, I offer graphic design services in a VIP Intensive Design Day package which is an exclusive, immersive experience tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, offering a full day to tackle their design to-do list or complete one larger project (e.g. a sales page and thank you page for their WordPress website). No waitlists, priority service with nothing else booked. It’s like having a designer in your business for a full day.

Anything new coming up?
I’ve recently launched an online store selling WordPress website templates. I wanted to be able to offer strategic and visually stunning websites at a fraction of the cost for those businesses on a budget or just starting out. I’ll be releasing a new template in early 2024, plus a E-Commerce add-on to one of the templates in store.

What do you love about what you do?
I love the variety in my job and the challenge of problem solving & thinking outside the box to come up with creative solutions. I also love the women I work with. I’m blessed to have clients who value what I can bring to their businesses and who continue to come back to work with me time and time again. Lastly, I love the balance this job has brought to my life in being able to be there for my kids when they need me. It’s still a juggle but I love it.

Fun fact about you Ooh I hate thinking of fun facts. Is that a fact? ;) Before I was a designer I spent a very short period of time as a florist! I love flowers (and I love gift wrapping) but working in customer service and the lack of career opportunities (unless you open a shop) lead me to find another creative field. Hello, design!

Where can we find out more?
You can find out more on my website:
Shop website templates:
Or follow me on insta:

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