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Introducing our Kitchen Starter Beeswax Wraps Packs from Honeybee Wraps, the ultimate solution for a well-organized and sustainable kitchen. Say goodbye to plastic with this versatile set of eco-friendly beeswax wraps. Designed to cater to all your needs, they are perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, snacks, or lunches, and are equally great for covering salad bowls, fermented food, or platters at your next BBQ.

Our wraps are carefully handcrafted in our cozy studio located in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia. Each pack includes three sizes: a large wrap measuring 35cm x 34cm, a medium wrap measuring 30cm x 26.5cm, and a small wrap measuring 21cm x 21cm. Please note that the fabric designs may vary, but rest assured that you will receive a delightful assortment of patterns.

To use the wraps, simply warm them up with the natural heat of your hands and shape them to fit over your food and dishes. It’s important to avoid exposing them to excessive heat, raw meats, and seafood. With proper care, our wraps can last up to 12 months. Cleaning them is a breeze—just wipe them with cool, soapy water, rinse, and hang them to dry.

We take pride in the sustainable nature of our Honeybee beeswax food wraps. At the end of their life cycle, they can be fully composted, leaving no trace of waste behind. Rest assured, our wraps are made from high-quality materials. They are crafted with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton infused with a special blend of Australian beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, certified jojoba oil, and natural tree gum products known for their antibacterial properties.

Upgrade your kitchen storage with our waste-free, reusable, non-toxic, and sustainable Kitchen Starter Pack. Experience the joy of an organized kitchen while reducing your environmental footprint. Order yours today and join us in embracing a greener lifestyle.


Why you need them:

  • Compostable
  • Made with organic cotton
  • Reusable
  • Natural
  • Available in a pack of three handy sizes


Introducing our premium Beeswax Wraps, proudly made in Australia by Honeybee Wraps using only the finest ingredients. Crafted from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, these wraps are infused with a special blend of natural elements, including Australian beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, certified jojoba oil, and natural tree gum products.

Our Beeswax Wraps are designed to revolutionize your kitchen routine by offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wraps. With their antibacterial properties, these wraps keep your food fresh while reducing waste and helping the environment.

Our Kitchen Starter Pack includes three versatile sizes to accommodate various food items and containers. It features 1 x Large wrap (35cm x 34cm) for covering large bowls or plates, 1 x Medium wrap (30cm x 26.5cm) for sandwiches and leftovers, and 1 x Small wrap (21cm x 21cm) for snacks or small items.

Embrace a greener lifestyle with our Beeswax Wraps, a perfect combination of sustainability, functionality, and Australian craftsmanship. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to freshness that lasts. Start your eco-friendly kitchen journey today!

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Organic Cotton, Beeswax


1 x Large (35cm x 34cm), 1 x Medium (30cm x 26.5cm), 1 x Small (21 x 21cm)

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